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Charcoal on Paper
88" x 55"

Subconscious Echoes of the Everyday

Exactly four years ago, my family and I moved from a small house in the woods to a larger house perched on a hill. The previous house allowed us to see a very small slice of sky, while the new house provides expansive views of the valley and affords observations of incoming weather.

With the view, also came the wind. The wind blows constantly up here on the hill. It keeps the insects away in the summer, a cover crop is needed to protect the topsoil in the garden and the laundry dries quickly while hanging outside on the porch. A bonfire is almost impossible and the tall grasses in the field are always swaying. Simultaneously, the wind can be as beautiful as it can be unsettling. Its drama keeps one alive and aware. The hill becomes an anchor, a grounding force to the performance of the wind.

We are shaped by our surroundings, and we create a language in response to our environment. This includes the way in which we process our everyday experiences and the way those experiences accumulate to create our being. Everything is interconnected. It is never about one thing alone; it is about the simultaneity of being.

My recent work is a meditation on the influence of our surroundings: An emotional, psychological, and physical response in shaping one’s place in the world. The drawings use landscape as a place, or a stage, to compartmentalize the emotions related to this everyday experience. Through unifying the fragments and recognizing the ebb and flow of life, a newfound comfort unfolds within the subconscious, and with the imagination, intuitively create an unexpected order. It is perhaps this order that enables us to proceed with life.